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Originally Posted by boris4c View Post
If the host country doesn't qualify automatically, then we won't be seeing South Korea in 2018. They simply lack the quality, and inviting 35 year old Canadian ECHLers won't change that.

There is an obvious reason why there are no continental allocations for hockey. It's because the sport lacks parity, which is my argument from the beginning. Unless you would like to see a team from Asia, South America and Africa at the IIHF World Championships. When it comes to soccer, there are 30 teams in Europe only who are good enough to qualify to the FIFA World Cup but not even half of them do, because of their limited spots.

Perhaps, but Canada isn't ranked 28th in the FIFA Rankings. There is no team in the top 30 that would lose 5-0 to Spain.

and again, you dont understand the system. soccer (fifa) has about 200 countries in the rankings. and IIHF has only 60? (less than 100 for sure). 28th in the fifa rankings is really high number. realize the difference before you argue.

i never said bringing a old canadian would help team korea make a good record at winter olympic. (and he wont or cant play at 2018 olymlpic because he will be too old that time) im just saying they are trying to make a good team because there is no auto-qualification, and it would be a good thing if korea qualifies at least. and i also think it is really hard to see korea at 2018 olympic icehockey just like hard to see canada soccer team at Worldcup. please don't argue on whether korea will qualify or not.

the reason i mentioned soccer is because 2002 worldcup was a big time for korea and japan to boost their soccer market. they tried to improve themselves before 2002 and they both made good records hosting the worldcup. that helped both countries and also fifa to expand the soccer market in asia.

i just hope Korea make a good look at 2018 olympic because it's their hosting olympic and they are trying to be a good hockey team, and that eventually will be a good and fresh news not for canada, russia, usa or sweden but for asia and international icehockey.

i didn't post this thread to argue with you if canada soccer is horrible or korea hockey is terrible.

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