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03-04-2013, 03:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Hipster Doofus View Post
Biggest stat man around where? Certainly not here.

Moneyball is a tittle of a book used to describe the use of sabremetrics to compete against teams with more spending money. Sabremetrics is the application of statistical thought and analysis to baseball. Billy Beane was teh first to use it becaus ehe had no choice, sure. But he still uses it. Its just now that everyone uses OBP as teh basis of offensive construction, he's begun to look at other measurements.

Red Sox took Beane's work and gave it a payroll. Its still the application of statistics. Just because it isn't termed moneyball doenst mean its not tied into Moneyball as it is colloquially known as.
Certainly not here, okay pal, I'd love to debate baseball with you. Moneyball is the title of the book, it's also the term used to describe the market inefficiencies. If you choose to use another term, that's great. Boston used high OBP guys like Youkilis and Ortiz, while Beane was "buying" runs and wins and using far more advanced statistics that others weren't because of the old school mindset. All GM's are and were aware of advanced statistics but back then chose to ignore them and some still do. It's all about market inefficiency. Boston drafted and picked up high OBP players but without the payroll they had, no title. The payroll was the reason they won before anything. Completely different approach from Bean's.

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