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Originally Posted by SighReally View Post
Does anyone have a scouting report on the twins before they were drafted? I'm curious to see what it was since according to stories, Burke drafted Kesler based on a single shift he took at OSU. I want to know that Burke (and other GMs) had a legitimate reason to draft the twins.
If I remember correctly, the scouting report was that they were very skilled and creative players who does some amazing things with the puck.
One was a passer, and the other was the finisher.
At that time, people already noted that they had an ESP, and they knew where each other was on the ice.

They also said they needed to work on their strength, but that was less of a concern because it could be built up.
Speed was also a weakness, but since it mattered less back then due to the clutch and hold style of play, most scouts and management were not that concerned.

The real concern was that most thought the Sedins were probably better together, and if separated, one scout estimated that their effectiveness would decrease by about 15% each.
Thus, there was a rumor that claimed that they would probably stay in Sweden if they were drafted by separate teams.

According to stories, that rumor was the only reason why Tampa Bay, who had the 1st overall pick and wanted to take Daniel, relented and traded the pick to Burke.

This is what I gleamed from my memory, so I may be wrong on some accounts.
I am pretty sure there is a video on youtube.

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