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Originally Posted by Fat Tony View Post
Burke getting both Sedins is one the finest example of GM wheeling and dealing that there's ever been.
True, there's no denying that.

Originally Posted by Goldrunner View Post
He built a competative and entertaining team back when the northwest was the toughest division in the league.
Originally Posted by nameless1 View Post
When Burke was hired, the Canucks were one of the worst team in the league.
That year, in 1998, the Canucks finished with 58 points, and had the 4th overall pick.
Soon, he traded for Jovanovski and Morrison, and they help formed the nucleus of the West Coast Express era.
Minor, but still important transactions, included the trade for Trett Klatt, and the signing of Andrew Cassels, who added depth to the center position and was virtually a #1 or #2 center for much of his time here, and Scott Lachance, a good and reliable stay at home defenseman.
The hiring of Crawford was also the right move, because he allowed Naslund and Bertuzzi to flourish.
Finally, he did draft and sign Bieksa.
A more questionable move might be the acquisition of Cloutier, but he did have a couple of 30+ wins seasons.

Under Burke, the Canucks had an improvement of 20 points in the very next season, and they made the playoffs 2 years later.
After that, the team continued to make the playoffs, and were always one of the most entertaining teams in the league.
All this time, he had to build a team with an internal budget of around $40 to $45 million dollars, a middle of the road budget, against juggernauts who can spend $70 millions plus.

Of course, Burke made his fair share of mistakes, which included his weak drafts, some useless bargain signings, his eternal search for goalies, and his hardline stance on salaries, which caused important role players to sign elsewhere.
However, I do credit him with the turnaround, and the building of an entertaining and strong product on the ice.
Thanks. I asked that question because I wasn't sure if he ever really built the Canucks into a legitimate contender, despite them being a high-scoring and entertaining team to watch. Competitive, yes, but there's a difference. They were able to get by with poor goaltending in the regular season but it would always seem to be a major letdown for them in the playoffs. He deserves credit for the franchise turnaround, but I'm not convinced the Canucks were ever a true threat to win it all, with them being what they were - a one-line team with a decent defense and unreliable goaltending. His stubborn refusal to address this area of weakness would also be a troubling sign of things to come in Toronto several years later.

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