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Originally Posted by Goldrunner View Post
Because Nonis endured the rebuild years after Burkes core was gone. And he did a good job of that. He replenished the farm and got Loungo.
Vanuck is right.
Nonis did not replenish the farm at all.
He gave up 2nd rounders like candy, and there really is basically nothing to show for his drafts after the lockout.
The only NHLers he drafted after the lockout were Mason Raymond and Michael Grabner, with Luc Bourdon being a high possibility.
07 was especially bad.
Not 1 player he drafted made even 1 NHL appearance.

Originally Posted by Goldrunner View Post
Gillis is a good management guy. The trains arrive on time.

But I don't like his trading record. He's not conservative enough for me.
As oppose to Nonis'?
Who was super conservative and traded 2nd rounders for over-the-hill depth who did not help the team at all?
I don't mind Gillis' trading.
He made some great trades, with the Ehrhoff trade being the most notable, and took some appropriate risks, such as the Ballard trade and the Hodgson trade.
When he traded for Ballard, Grabner would not have a place on the team, and Bernier was a cap dump, while the 1st rounder seem like an appropriate add on.
For the Hodgson deal, he had worn out his welcome here to the management, and Kassian is a commodity that the Canucks did not have anywhere in the system.
At the same time, he got Gragnani, someone who was the AHL defenseman of the year, and who had potential to be more.
While Kassian had gone cold now, and Gragnani was let go, Hodgson has his own issues, despite scoring more.
This trade was as much as a now trade as it was a future one.
It had to be judged in a few years time, but for now, I am ok with that risk because I see Kassian's potential and I hope he can figure everything out.

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