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David Puchovsky, 22, lives in Bratislava, Slovakia and he is going to Colorado for the fourth time, the record number of all Eurolanche members. He founded the Eurolanche fan club in August 2007 and he holds the position of a President. He coordinates all process in the Eurolanche including the organization of the Eurolanche Invasion. David will get a master degree in the journalism studies this year and would like to continue in the journalistic career after then. Since 2010, he works for the website of the Slovak best-selling daily newspaper Nový Čas.

When you decided to travel to Colorado?

The final decision was made in January. A short time after we have found out the schedule of the new season. We were talking a lot about it. If the rest of guys did not want to travel this year, I would probably do not go anywhere. Usually, we planned the Invasion a months before the start. Firstly, we were decided if the NHL do not start in December, we would not go there this year. But things went fast and the interest of the guys persuaded me.

It will be your fourth participation at the Invasion. Could still something surprised you?

Some people could be surprised why I am coming back on the same place again. But it is me. Why do not do that again, when I like it? I am kind of conservative man in this issue. But I would like to get known other countries too of course. I am only 22, there is enough time left. I believe the Invasion V will bring better schedule than previous. We have couple of big trips in the plan. It does look like another good bunch of fans. So I do not worry I would experience the same like last three times. I expect the unforgettable atmosphere, and not only at the games.

How is the feeling to travel to Denver for the fourth time?

Very good. I am sad I could not be on all five Invasions (laughing). But really, it is hard to believe that I would go to Colorado for the fourth time since 2008. I would have never even thought about that before the first or after the first Invasion. I feel like at home in Denver. It is a pity that Norbert from Austria could not join us this year. It would be his fourth appearance as well.

What are you most looking forward?

Except the hockey games and meetings with players I am looking forward on new challenges. I hope we will appear in the local or maybe even national media. I cannot wait on other meetings and the whole atmosphere of the Invasion, which is hard to describe by words. I hope everything will be ok, mainly the drive to Minnesota to watch the Avalanche away game. It would be the biggest event in the Eurolanche Invasion history.

How does look your preparation for the trip?

Because I am a President of the fan club I am responsible for everything. It starts with find fans who would like to travel, searching for cheap airtickets and accommodation, the communication with the local media and the Avalanche organization, the organization of the meetings, the writing of Invasionīs stories, the producing of special Eurolancheīs merchandise and lot more. It is a hard process, but if it is done, it is perfect feeling.

What would like to say to fans, which will follows the Invasion V on the internet and for fans, who are thinking about their participation for the further trips?

We would try to bring the authentic coverage to the fans who could not join us this year. It will include day-to-day updated diaries, photo and video galleries, and more. I believe they will able to see the Invasion experience from the first row and it will help them to decided whenever travel with us or not. If you are a European Colorado Avalanche fan, there is no question for the future!

If there would be next Invasion in the near future, would you travel again or three trips on the same place are enough for you?

The future of the Eurolanche is questionable from the next season. I will get a full time job and I will be very busy. It is hard to work in the journalism world. If there will be fans who will help me with the Eurolanche, I would like to comeback to Denver in the future again.

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