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Originally Posted by AintLifeGrand View Post
The next step to establishing the sport as a cultural staple is to work with School Boards to include it as an officially sanctioned high school sport. I'm sure Lacrosse has been recently sanctioned in TN, similar to how it has been embraced by the state school board in GA within the past decade. The same needs to happen for hockey, or the sport will stagnate in interest in participation (outside of the NHL)
Lacrosse is still a club sport AFAIK. Getting hockey to be "official" in TN probably won't happen for a while. In order to use funds from the school it has to be available to every high school kid in the state. At least that's how I understand it, someone can correct me if I'm mistaken. Since it's a club sport, support by the schools is not high on the list. I can't remember the last time I saw a school administrator at a high school hockey game. Franklin High finally has a teacher sponsor and she has done some great things to get word in the school about game schedules etc.
Long way to go but progress is being made.

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