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Originally Posted by Probie View Post
I know stats are stats, but he has progressed a great deal since he joined the nhl full time.

If u look at games played he hasn't even played 2 full seasons yet.

With semi erratic usage I think his play is a pleasant surprise and shouldn't put him in the doghouse at all. Some people - we know who- have blinders and are too stubborn to admit what they see.

It seems with this team if you are a "veteran" you get a free pass at the detriment of the team.

Anyways I hope he continues his good play and gets better, and not lost in the shuffle and have some old vet/bandaid signed to take his place in the future.
For the life of me, I can't figure out why people hate Kindl and actively campaign against him.
Anyone see his work on the PP last game? He worked the blueline better than Kronwall did.
Anyone see his SIX hits, including two really hard ones along the wall?

There are 4 issues I see in Kindl's game.
1) You gotta stay on him him or he'll start playing soft.
2) Indecisiveness with the puck on the breakout.
3) Seems to get caught up the ice too often
40 When a guy is skating on the Wing, he doesn't close quickly enough and gives us a pretty decent shot.

If you ask me, he'ls going to fix everything but #1 with playing time.

And as he gets better with the puck and on the powerplay, he's going to turn into a 10 goal, 40 point guy... maybe even more, depending on his circumstances, and teams might not ask him to play outside is comfort zone.

Personally, I'll never understand why a player needs to be coaxed into playing tough. Skating around, hitting people, and battling for every inch of the ice is hard work. But it's also a lot of fun.

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