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03-04-2013, 09:54 AM
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Originally Posted by EucaLEAFtys View Post
Stephen.. you know full well that's not what I said because I said nothing in regard to ACTUALLY ACCEPTING the proposed offer. You know better than to jump to conclusions like that.

If you really look at the OP's offer closely solely from a value perspective (since this is a "Vlaue of.." thread and not a "Proposal" thread), you can easily see that it is a very good offer when you consider it from an objective view-point as I have done in my previous post.

If the Leafs were willing to trade JvR (and given his performance thus far this season, I don't see them doing such a thing), acquiring a potential top-10 or even top-5 draft pick in this summer's very strong draft wouldn't be such a bad return when you look at it from a long-term, bigger picture POV.

There's no denying that JvR is having a very good season, but you still have to wonder what's going to happen to his offensive contribution when both Lupul and Frattin come back from injury. Such things are yet to be determined.

So again, from a VALUE perspective, a 1st round pick would be very good value for JvR.
i have a few problems with your arguments;

i wont dispute that edmontons first round pick is valuable because every first rounder is valuable but how can one gauge value when they dont know where the pick actually is. is it 15th overall? 10th overall? 5th overall? 1st overall? obviously the placement makes a difference in overall value of the pick. how can you claim to be evaluating the original proposal objectively when an unkown was offered for a known. i think an objective observer would say that a late first round pick for jvr would be highway robbery, especially if the leafs are trying to get better right away and not sell off quality assets.

in the real world a tangible player who is performing is always > then a draft pick where one hopes they become a tangible player who performs. if we use your logic then how would you feel about toronto offering their first round pick for nuge? objectively its good value because there is a good chance toronto's pick will be top 5 again.

general managers dont gamble if they dont have to. i dont see why edmonton or toronto would take a risk on the pick when they dont need to.

your suggestion that jvr would be behind lupul and frattin is also just wrong (i mean that respectfully, maybe you dont follow the leafs as much as another team). jvr is 23 years old, frattin is 25, and lupul is 29. obviously age is not an indicator of depth but jvr brings whatever frattin and lupul bring + more. there was a reason he was taken so high. jvr is also signed on the cheap for multiple years so if he performs like this he will be an absolute steal from a cap perspective.

realistically frattin would be the odd man out imo if a winger needed to be moved but i feel like to be competitive a team needs to be 3 lines deep. having jvr-kessel, lupul-frattin, and kulemin-mac gives us pretty good depth down the wings.

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