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03-04-2013, 09:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
those are artists that could fall into my "normal" classification. its a very wide range of music. a lot of it is even good enough that it became - god forbid - quite popular. Sure, you have your Gaga's and your Ke$ha's who can get popular for no good reason. But I think for the most part, popular things get popular because they are actually pretty good.
I disagree to an extent with the major premise you have here (WHAAT!!) but I actually think Gaga is talented. Actually, I know she is talented. A lot of her popularity is based on her ridiculousness and catchy songs, but she has a lot of talent to back it up. Ke$ha? No so much.

Much of today's popular music is all in your face with little substance. Who can sing the most ridiculous **** or put the most in your face flash. Throw a couple dance beats in the background, sing about money and *****es, gettin on da floor, etc. Also, what gets played on the radio (and therefore becomes popular) has a LOT to do with what record label you are on more so than how good you are.

I'll give an example. The band Fun. Nate Ruess is the lead singer and I have been listening to his music since '04 with the band The Format. This is now his 4th full length CD with two different bands and all it took was one record label to push their song to the radio and a cover performance on Glee to go from playing shows at Mr. Smalls for 75 people to winning the Grammys and playing at the Presidential Inauguration.

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