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03-04-2013, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
"playing hockey" shouldn't have to subject you to getting jumped from behind by some 240lbs gorilla with self image issues.

Egghead cries in the media that the Habs players dive yet they have the biggest candyass in the league in marchand, even his teammates hate him. Then last night Seguin goes down like he's been shot, I thought CSI would have to be called, then he is back out next shift flying.
So just to be clear, if it was thorton or lucic or mcquaid who went after emelin, you would be okay with it ?

It never fails to surprise me the extent of irrational hate people have for chara. What you are saying is that as a captain, if you perceive opponents taking liberties on teamates that he should not do what every good captain in the history of the game would have done because he's a 240 pound gorilla ?

just wondering, were you one of the fans bemoaning how unfair it was that white tuned up fleischmann after he ran Georges in the numbers ?

If you have any objectivity, what chara did was not at all surprising andd if the roles would have been reversed, everyone would be saying what a stud emelin is for standing up for his teamate.

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