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03-04-2013, 10:01 AM
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Glad this thread has its share of RYAN WHITE SUPPORTERS. I wouldn't want to have White's job (fighting huge goons, protecting teammates all the time, playing gritty along the boards, doing a lot of dirty work,etc,etc, and I've seen White play hockey...he can play when confidence is up him anyday for our 4th line).

Go White Go!!

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Originally Posted by IWalkThroughWalls View Post
Why do people think Armstrong can fight? He dropped 11 times in his whole career and was destroyed pretty much on every occasion. He even suffered a 1 punch knock-out against Ruslan Fedotenko!
Some of us (like me!) are wrong sometimes, that's all
But, it takes guts to fight even when you don't win fights...that's probably when it takes more guts (ex: Gorges vs that LEAF goon not too long ago). I admire Gorges for that but don't want to see him fight a Goon ever again...he's too important to our top 4 D-corps. Soe HAB fans laughed at Kostopoulos 'cause he didn't win many fights...I admired him for trying to protect our Habs. I still have respect for Kostopoulos for how he tried his best for the protection of his teammates. He did more for us at less $$$ vs what Laraque did for his teammates.

I guess as long as Joseph Armstrong can bring it (or sort of) along the boards and can be used on the PK and be a big/tall body presence (or sort of)...Therrien will use him.

But, we're definitely not seeing the Armstrong we've seen when he was a LEAF or THRASHER...faster, great bodychecker (sometimes very dirty)...those days are over. His body has taken a lot of beating over the years and he's doing what his body is allowing him to do, I guess. Playoffs...we'll hope to see more grit in the boards from him or in front of the net.

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