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03-04-2013, 10:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Azkals View Post
It still wouldn't matter. The NBA always dominates NHL ratings. The most recent time I can remember the NHL beating the NBA was in 07 when they had Phoenix/Sacramento during March Madness games. Heck, you could have a Stanley Cup Final game go against the NBA and there are certain NBA matchups that would get better/comparable ratings.
how can you say that?? last weeks PHI/PIT game on a wed night lost to ESPN's OKLA/HOU by only 200,000.. and NBCSN has only 80% of the households ESPN has. and that NBA game was a great game that ended 122-119.

Also, you say NHL can never beat NBA?? i bet if CHI at NYR played, or even CHI/BOS tomorrow on NBCSN and went up against IND/MIL on ESPN, the NHL game would win. so don't say NHL will never outdraw NBA. simply NOT TRUE.

oh and btw, i agree with the poster that said PIT/MTL was disappointing. pit averages over double digits this season and on a sat night in montreal barely get double digits. i expected 15.6 at least for this one.


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