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03-04-2013, 10:33 AM
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Unless you're a high level athlete (high school, college, professional, national, etc) I think just about any exercise will be beneficial for you. Sure, some exercises will be more sport-specific, but for most of us (especially posting on a message board), the goal is to be healthier to live longer and with less pain.

If you enjoy it and it's not hurting you, do it. Swimming, cycling, weight lifting, yoga, whatever. Your average rec leaguer isn't going to get worse because they like to go for a jog a couple times a week.

The big thing, IMO, is to avoid injury. So running or even sprinting if you're overweight could be a bad idea. Lots and lots of stress on the joints. If you're in decent shape, I think a jog with proper shoes and on a softer surface would be great. Or weight lifting, too much weight and/or bad technique will cause problems.

I always like to come back to this series, with a lot of experts in the field giving their thoughts. It's kind of all over the map, but there's good information in there.

And newfr4u is a great poster if you want to learn about weight lifting, helped me quite a bit.

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