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03-04-2013, 10:56 AM
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Originally Posted by legionista View Post
Sorry to say but S. Korea playing hockey in the Olympics is equivalent to a team like Faroe Islands playing in the FIFA World Cup. Like it was said before the gap between upper tier hockey, and lower tier is huge.

If you had the world top 8 in hockey (USA, Canada, Russia, Sweden, etc.) play against S. Korea, those teams would put in 20+ goals each game. It would only be an embarrassment and these brutal blowouts would not be in the spirit of the Olympics. Maybe against those fringe teams like Slovenia, Latvia, Belarus could S. Korea score more than one goal, but they would still decidedly lose.
GB put 2 past Latvia in Sochi qualifiers (6-2 loss) and lost 3-2 against Slovenia in last year's WC. S Korea beat GB in OT in Sochi pre-qualifiers. Not arguing S Korea wouldn't get blown out by the likes of Canada, just saying.

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