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03-04-2013, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by JWK View Post
**** that D2M, don't curse Michu.......unless he goes to a bigger club in the BPL, you can curse him all you want although I love that man.

Harlem Shake is stupid.
Watch Man U or Chelsea get him and you can join the Arsenal crowd!

Originally Posted by JWK View Post
Why hasn't Wenger play Ox much lately?
I haven't watched the last 4 games besides against Tottenham yesterday, so I can't really tell you. I can tell you that he has been better than Giroud, Gervinho, and Podolski (some games).

Giroud: I think he's still getting adjusted to EPL play, but man he is a streaky striker and there are about 7 goals he should've scored that would've made us be in at least 3rd place. He's worth keeping, but not as the main striker.

Gervinho: Love the guy when he's on his game, but that is very little. He has fantastic pace and dribbling skills, but doesn't do much with it except getting corners and his shooting accuracy is worst than Rockies love life. I would like him sold and bring in a young and more potential player like Gotze.

Podolski: He's played great for the most part, but is suffering from the same problem of the other strikers, inconsistency. He either shows up for games and looks threating out there or gets subbed off with nothing to show for it. Only good thing is he has had more good games than bad ones.

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