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03-04-2013, 11:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Asher View Post
I'm not a fan of Burke either, just trying to make the point that the only GM's the Oilers will ever hire are the ones that are willing to take orders from Lowe. I think it's entirely reasonable and predictable that MacT will be the next GM of the team. Lowe has the perfect job here -- all the power he wants, none of the public backlash when things go wrong.
People like to speculate that Tambellini is a puppet with Lowe's hand up his butt, but really that's all it is, is speculation. From my best guess (based on what Tambo has said), he is the man in charge, but occasionally will ask a guy like Lowe for advice. Lowe has said he doesn't give Tambo advice unless he asks for it.

I understand that people have a big hate on for Lowe, but that seems a little implausible that Tambellini took on a job here where he is just the face of all the bad decisions other people on this team makes, like he just sits quietly waiting for orders.

Ideally if there is a GM change, both Tambellini and Lowe go. There are others that should go with them too. I think there's a lot of input coming from different directions, including from Tambellini. But I don't think he's anyone's puppet.

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