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03-04-2013, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by adam graves View Post
Im saying the goaltending difference from last yr is the most glaring and has been absolutely putrid.

I agree with you 100% the D has worsened as well and thats most likely the extreme downgrade from Garrison to Kuba.

Where we disagree, jake, is the O. I dont think its been that different. We were a one line team last yr, and we are the same this yr, just the characters of that one line are different. As iceman said above, we have actually moved up in O production.

In sum IMHO had we had our traditional good solid goaltending wed have 5-7 more points and the same playoff bubble team we were last yr.
I don't know. Our team defense is awful. We leave our goalies in positions where they have to constantly make big saves or we lose. We never gave up this many quality scoring chances last year. Theo and Clemm have been disappointing but I think it's just that it's easier to blame the goalies because when they screw up it's a goal against.

Last night when Guds was in good position and Campbell let Semin go around him, Clemmer had no chance on that. That's the type of thing that didn't happen with frequency last year. We've done nothing to help them. Poor positioning in our zone, sloppy/lazy coverage, don't clear the front of the net, screen our own goalies, etc etc the list goes on and on. Goalies have stunk but the team hasn't done anything to help them out.

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