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CBC is a great example of the negative effects of American cultural hegemony and of how even the best laid social institutions can rot from institutional neglect. It wasn't so long ago that CBC could compete by producing high end CanCon and importing a smattering of British and American shows to supplement it. Canadians who love other institutions, like the healtchare system, need only to tune to the Ceeb to be reminded of what can happen to proud social institutions.

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Just like the Grey Cup? And the entire CFL season for that matter?
The CFL is peanuts compared to the NHL. They take scraps of interest where they can get it. The NHL would logically be more concerned with the future of cable as a distribution model... if, as I think many people expect, it's days are approaching a point of being numbered in the US, it won't be long before Canada follows suit. Investing too heavily in cable in an era of cable cutting, online and on-demand streaming and growing calls south of the border for the federal government to force ala carte bundling would be too foolish an error for even the NHL to make.

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