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Originally Posted by JLP View Post
"Standing up for your teammates" is often just a rationalization for hockey violence. Emelin's "crosscheck" wasn't even called by the referee who was right there, it was called by bruins fans on the internet. That does not make it a foul.

White Knight Chara has half the hits Emelin does but three times the penalty minutes Emelin does. He could have very seriously injured Emelin (and previously, Pacioretty). and he's far from the dirtiest guy on their squad, intimidation and violence are at the very center of their toxic culture.
standing up for teamates is not an excuse for violence. it sends a message.

I didnt like the hit on Subban behind the net, and I didnt like mCQuaid cross check after the goal. in either of those cases if one of the habs on the ice had responded, I'd be okay with it.

It might stick in some people's craw, and its not anywhere in the rule book but every player who laces them up knows that if you are seen taking liberties on non-physical "star" players, even if this does not result in any significant injury, that you can expect the other team to respond.

if guys want to take legal runs at stars, I'm still fine with guys standing up for their teamates even though it seems to be the biggest complaint on hfboards ( fights after clean hits).

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