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Originally Posted by Ebolav View Post
Good suggestions, thanks! I've played 4 games with the team, have 1 g, 1 a, 3 SOG. Can quickly one footed snowplow, but can still 'outskate' my stopping in terms of speed, I'm probably the 2nd fastest skater in our scrubby league. But I can snowplow at like 65% of top speed, after that I have to slow down/turn first.

The knee bend is crucial, we hired a coach who pointed out I play too upright most of the time, which I have now figured out is due to low back issues. When I'm low/in deep knee bend mode, I can stop/turn much better, but the muscles on my left side about 3-3 1/2" above pants waistline just start aching. Might look into a back brace, it's the same reason/area of my back that prevents me from sleeping on my right side.
I've got back issues as well. Try strengthening your core. Pushups, crunches, etc. I also keep my shifts short. Once I get fatigued, my back hurts which results in me being more upright.

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