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07-22-2006, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by MeffyuhTJRest View Post
Ok, man. Today is your lucky day. I'm recovering from surgery called a Tibial Tubercle Transfer (TTT) on my left knee. Basically it is a surgery done to realign the knee cap by repositioning the patella tendon which attaches to the tibia. I'm 24 and my last knee-disclocation was on May 20th the surgery was done on June 27th. (i've had about 10+ dislocations of my left knee, 5 or so on my right knee).

Take it from me, SEE AN ORTHOPEDIST NOW! Do not wait until you do major damage to your knee! The cartilage behind my patella is all kinds of messed up from my dislocations.

Send me a PM if you want to talk about this more. I"ve researched different kinds of therapies extensively and might be able help more.
oh man, sounds like me. My doctor recommended the surgery for me, but I really don't feel like being either a) in a wheel chair for a few months or b) be on crutches alternating knees for quite a few months.

P.S. I'm at about 20+ on my right and 5+ on my left. They're mostly partial dislocations but plenty of full dislocations. It's gotten to a point that I can partually dislocate my knee, let it pop back in... walk or skate to a bench or chair, wait a few mins for the pain to go down and the muscles to relax then go back to playing. Hurts like hell the next day I'm 22 now, first dislocation when I was 14. Last full dislocation over a year ago and only 2 maybe 3 hyperextensions or partial dislocations. Hopefully I can avoid surgery *crosses fingers*

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