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Originally Posted by Jackets Woodchuck View Post
I'm thinking hockey needs to get away from the baseball nomenclature for it's various minor-league levels. "AA" makes no sense in a sport where "A" is a laughable concept.

Yes, I realize that in minor-league hockey, "AA" has come to mean a relatively stable/solvent sub-AHL league while "A" has come to symbolize those leagues not necessarily stable nor solvent, but trying to explain that "A" essentially means a bankrupt, no-chance league in hockey, rather than merely a fourth-tier competitive level, has generally gotten me looks as if I had two heads. It makes no sense to most people.
While I don't totally agree with the baseball analogy, it does work fairly well if you realistically evaluate each league's talent in relation to the others.

We all know that the American Hockey League is Class-AAA.

Based on the quality of play, quality of players, number of call-ups, and other factors, any realistic observer would classify the ECHL as Class-AA and the CHL as Class-A.

The SPHL is clearly below the CHL. Rookie League.

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