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Originally Posted by CrazyEddie20 View Post
While I don't totally agree with the baseball analogy, it does work fairly well if you realistically evaluate each league's talent in relation to the others.

We all know that the American Hockey League is Class-AAA.

Based on the quality of play, quality of players, number of call-ups, and other factors, any realistic observer would classify the ECHL as Class-AA and the CHL as Class-A.

The SPHL is clearly below the CHL. Rookie League.
I think that this is the realistic categorization of minor league hockey.

I bolded the CHL because it really is more of an "A" league if one realistically compares its level of play to the other viable professional hockey leagues. In fact, the CHL's only hope of survival may rest in its embracing such a designation and lowering its cost structure. The quality of play of the CHL is significantly beneath the ECHL as well. The play of Fort Wayne and Evansville this season should probably clinch that for fence-sitters on the topic. Add in the fact that NHL affiliated players (many earning in the $100-140k range) almost all play in the ECHL, and the baseball-similar hierarchy of hockey (NHL-AHL-ECHL-CHL-SPHL) makes complete sense.

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