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03-04-2013, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by potsiev2 View Post
The difference is the flyers youth and future. Simmonds is developing into a nice power forward who causes havoc in front of the net. Voracek is looking like a legit 1st line winger. Schenn and couturier look like true 2nd and 3rd line centers. All early 20'... be objective
There's nothing more objective than a cup.

We traded for the right guy at the right time. If you want us to 'be objective,' take your own advice and look what Richards and Carter did during the cup run.

Flyers DID get younger and those players COULD make them better and get a cup in the near future. I don't see the need to 'win' a trade here, or why it can't be win-win (which is what this one looks like to me). Seems like all you're interested in doing is taking cheap shots (we're more knowledgeable because we won a cup? Get real. You forget how long the Kings have been a franchise), though, so why don't you see yourself to the door if you're not interested in logical discussion.

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