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03-04-2013, 12:39 PM
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TWD last night was awesome.

Lennie James is such a terrific actor. He and Andrew Lincoln really, really played incredibly well off of one another in the scene where Morgan woke up and attacked Rick. Especially the conversation about the walkie talkie and turning it on each morning...that scene packed a punch.

Felt bad for poor Backpack Guy. Although really, I was laughing quite hard at him - he had a frying pan hanging from his backpack. What was he doing, prospecting?

I doubt that's the last we see of Morgan. I think he'll end up having a role to play in what's to come between Woodbury and the Prison. I also think that seeing him had a huge impact on Rick, as did Michonne's revalation that she speaks to some of her loved ones who have since left as well. Hopefully all of this goes towards repairing Rick's damaged psyche.

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