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03-04-2013, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Afino View Post
The one guy on XM wanted 10+ and the Sabres organization fined for "putting this guy out on the ice all the time because he can't play hockey"

I turned it off. Unreal bias, you'd expect that from a random HF poster.

What Kaleta did was stupid and reckless, but not dirty. 3-4 games, move on.
Anyone who says Kaleta "can't play hockey" has no interest in truth, facts or reason. I disregard their opinions from then on out.


Kaleta did speak with the media

On what to expect from the hearing:
"Go in and talk. Tell my side of the story and go from there."

"I was told by Darcy it's just a phone call"

What did you think of it? (the hit)
"I'm gonna keep it as limited as I can. I'm just sorry for the position I put my team in, trying to kill that penalty. I feel for that, putting the penalty killers out there and them getting the two goals. Makes me feel like a bag of garbage after seeing that. I'm glad our team responded. I'm proud of that. Just gonna go forward."

What did you see on the play, the hit?
"It was on the penalty kill, so you know, you're playing the zone, you're not really supposed to finish checks, etc. I just play hard and I was trying to do my job."

You talked about recently wanting to change your team. Last night they said oh it's the same guy. Does that hurt?
"I have changed my game. I know I have. I know players have seen that, and even referees. I've had refs come up to me and said 'hey, I've respect what you've done so far. As long as you keep showing that respect, then we'll show you that respect.' I loved hearing that, knowing they've seen the change in my game so I know I've changed my game.

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