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03-04-2013, 12:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Hannibal View Post
We need to replace them with players who wants to play their role.

Prust needs support, because he's gonna get tired soon.
I'm so surprised Prust is not tired already...he's done so much for our Habs.

We all loved Moen when he was doing 3/4 of what Prust is doing now (I kept thinking Moen needed help back I'm thinking this with Prust...what the ****...can't they all be good at what they do at the same time!!).

Therrien has got to tell Moen, White to help Prust out (while staying disciplined).
And I beleive White will help Prust...he's just on a leash right now and is trying to adjust to it! (needs to gain Therrien's trust again...imo Therrien should also learn to trust White 'cause White is such a team player...doesn't play for himself...he plays for the team and always protects his teammates...isn't that what Therrien is all about...the team? give White your confidence and he will pay you back like that good loyal friend).

But...Prust can't do it all by himself.
And we need him FRESH for the playoffs...I don't want his gas tank to be empty (Therrien must think about this...since there's still 2 months of hockey to play before playoffs...Prust has done so much...time for others to help 'cause I don't want to see Prust get injured or get exhausted...I'm going to get so pissed off...#$%^&*#$%^#$).

I hope Therrien can light a fire under Moen's ***.
('cause I really miss the old-Moen...a true warrior for us, playoffs warrior,etc... he was so darn good...the black eye days which wasn't that long ago... I really really miss that Moen...what the **** is going on).

Maybe Nokia will bring some energy and help Prust a bit??
All I know (and it's ****ing obvious)...Prust needs some major ****ing help and not in tabarouette.
White, Prust.

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