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Originally Posted by Island Husky View Post
There are three kinds, short range, long range and medium range, but anyway, perhaps it will be ten years. What makes Fredericton so different from other Maritime communities? The town, (excuse me, city), of Summerside built a new facility for 35$ million, turned around and renamed it Credit Union Place and Eastlink Arena to relieve themselves of the operational expense. That happened virtually overnight. The AHL was not even in some Maritime cities for ten years, here and gone. I'm only saying someone is thinking about it, either hockey investors, potential Q franchise movers, yes even the city. I can hardly believe a city like Fredericton is satisfied with building two small arenas, while their largest facility, an aging venue, belongs to the university. Meanwhile they are missing out on bigger things and the city knows it.
Summerside has a rink and no QMJHL team. Nor are they or Fredericton even mentioned when ever rumours come up about a QMJHL team moving. The Q has shown no appetite for expansion since the Sea Dogs and the Fog Devils. Sherbrooke was a replacement for Lewiston. If the QMJHL were to expand they risk diluting the talent pool even more and would effect their ability to compete with the OHL and WHL. If Fredericton wanted a big new arena to attract a Q team I suspect they would have built one instead of building two smaller arenas. Building an arena to attract a QMJHL team is easier said then done. I am sure the Rocket would love to have a new arena to replace the Civic Centre, but thus far none has materialized.

QMJHL hockey doesn't work in every city. The Fog Devils didn't last in St.John's, but the AHL thus far has so it can't just be the travel costs that caused the Fog Devils to fail as the AHL team is doing a lot more traveling than the Fog Devils did.

UNB has been a national title contender basically ever year for the better part of a decade. QMJHL teams simply can't compete for a title that often. In the Q if your a really good team you compete for a title maybe one out of every three years. Plus I would have to assume that ticket prices for a potential Q team in Fredericton would likely be substantially higher than what UNB charges.

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