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03-04-2013, 02:10 PM
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Originally Posted by vBurmi View Post
It always showed 4 so that's what I worked with. I'm not against switching after the next draft but there's no way it's fair to switch before that. Again, it's not unfair to me, I'm in first , but it's definitely unfair for people who having been working under the posted rules all season. Even then, I agree with Inflict: 8 seems like a lot and really minimizes the draft, discourages trades (non-keeper trades are easier than keeper trades), etc. 6 seems reasonable IMO.

Agreed on the playoff format, it's a shame one of us will miss and likely a weaker team from another division will make it. Also, I beat you last time we matched up so I wouldn't get too cocky about the final week
I could have sworn I saw it was 8 somewhere maybe I thinking of a different league I was thinking of joining, anyway, I think switching it to 6 next year would be good. Also with the inactivity in this league I see dropping down to maybe 16 teams as a good idea. Def not increase.

Yes you beat me and handed me my first (and going to be only loss ) I was winning till the last day when your guys performed and mine choked, but I took that loss and improved my team so rematch will be different

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