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03-04-2013, 02:27 PM
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Doesn't matter if Halak goes down during the playoffs. Elliott will still crumble like he did last year against the Kings and the spurt this year. If there is no healthy Halak on the bench, Elliott instantly becomes a below average goaltender. Sure, the team as a whole did not play well during the kings, but Elliott gave up on average of 1 soft goal per game during that series. Here are 3 random soft goals I found that have to be made into saves during the playoffs.

Do we give go ahead and give Elliott a 3rd chance as the last line of defense when Halak goes down this year during the playoffs and see if Elliott can mentally stabilize himself when he couldnt do that during this year's rough spurt? No, I say we use him as a trade piece to get Petro a partner while he still has some value. There is no way we get past the second round if we are playing with Elliott. He is mentally too unstable to handle the same amount of pressure Halak is able to thrive on during the playoffs.

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