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Originally Posted by arglebargle View Post
As a Sens fan who doesn't really like either team I'd have to say the Bruins are projecting here. Marchand is constantly diving and playing dirty, Lucic has at least one shift a game where he does nothing but try to injure people, and the rest of the team will take any excuse to jump opposing players.

They do this constantly and then complain about their opponents doing it whether it's true or not. It's really starting to get old and I wish someone would just tell Julien to shut the hell up.
Honestly, habs have dived, I bet sens have too. Thing is, really pathetic to see Julien complain about it.

That's an example. If we got rid of matching penalties the TBL would've had stamkos on the ice but in this sequence they were both penalized.

What's worse is you see Seguin make a face as if "diving? what?". Then seguin gets a crosscheck and falls dramatically to the ice(he may have been hurt, but it certainly wasn't a lean, he fell onto the ice). The ref stares right at, no call.

Off topic but Stamkos' skating is unreal. Saw him live and he's on another level. You see it there with a good skater like seguin gaining some speed and stamkos burning him. lol

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