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03-04-2013, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Daniel Plainview View Post
I used to fall into it some, when I was younger. Making blanket statements and assumptions about players I didn't know and fans I would never meet. Then I reached the age of reason

Now I step back and look at the way people react to this stuff and it's just crazy. The thread at the top of the Bruins thread, especially the first page is filled with such misguided, inflammatory drivel. As is the "CH stands for character" thread in this forum. The first couple pages anyway

Makes sense that it's worst at the beginning, when the game is more fresh in peoples minds or more importantly their emotions are still running high. But man, you would think this was a battle between good and evil

Even right now, both subforums and even this very thread there is and will be more people saying things like, "that guy in the middle is a typical Boston fan." It's disappointing to see people take that attitude, because it's flat out wrong
I agree with you, some people in here are delusional, I don't know if they have anger problems, but being a habs fan is the same as being a bruins fan. We're human beings that love the same sport. Respect to you my friend, I know you're not all the same, we both have bad apples in our fanbase.

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