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Originally Posted by Bluenote13 View Post
Good points. Except, whats wrong with the coach saying he's the key to our defense?

I see his mistakes away from the PK. On the rush, he overcompensates towards his partners side. Again, he's a great skater, maybe used to covering so much where he came from or thinks his speed will close the gap, cause he does this frequently leaving opposing players open with too much room on his side, it's noticeable. With experience comes maturity and then we hope to see him not force the play.

Minny's PK has been good. Skjei does his job, having a more experienced partner definitely helps. He's all about the skating, everything else needs work. That's no slight, he's a freshman. Minny is trying to develop their players over time, that way they stay for more than 2 years, which has been a problem for them.
Nothing wrong with it just pointing out its not necassarily the most solid evidence. Hopefully his brain matches his speed and athleticism sooner or later. According to many he has shown quite a bit of promise throughout this year which I suppose is all I could ask for while expecting major holes. I have zero time to watch (I have to DVR almos every ranger game as it is.) so I'm just very reliant upon the notes others post here

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