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03-04-2013, 03:02 PM
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Originally Posted by NathanHortonFan View Post
Julien is more frustrated at the horrible officiating of late. I went to the game Saturday against Tampa, and god was it horrible, both ways. Generally it has been going against the Bruins far more than in favor of the B's lately. Especially Lucic; anytime he hits anyone he is getting a penalty. It's becoming a joke. So sure, he was ticked off at how the officials botched last night, but this rant was about far more than just that game.

I actually wish Julien would let the refs have it once in a while, he never does anything but cross his arms and say nothing. It's refreshing to finally see him make a statement like this. So long as it doesn't happen regularly it isn't really that bad.
Officiating has been horrible overall. It ebbs and flows on both ways; some nights you're gonna have it going your way, other nights it's against you.

Yesterday's officiating was disastrous for both teams. I hardly see what Julien was so mad about; there's been quite a number of infractions commited by the Bruins that should have been punished and were totally ignored. Just because the Habs don't make a big fuss everytime the Bruins do something dirty doesn't mean something dirty didn't happened.

Lucic boarding on Subban
McQuaid unsportsmanlike conduct
the Highsticking to Pacioretty

are just the 3 most blatant examples of blown calls

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