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03-04-2013, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by SoupyFIN View Post
There isn't really a single center in the offseason worth the $$ they're bound to get from some stupid GM. Maybe Filppula in the 3 million range (he's bound to get a lot more thou), but he's more suitable at wing..

Kopecky can play C too, so IMO if Weiss gets traded, it'll look something like this for the rest of the season:

Flash - Kopecky - Skille
Kid line
Matthias - Goc - Upshall/the unwanted future UFA from Weiss deal
Santo - Smithson - Parros
Your lineup is missing Versteeg who probably would be on a line with Flash. I think Goc could center those 2 and then shift Kopecky to the 3rd line at the wing where he's most natural.

My gut instinct says the team shuts Upshall down for the season even if he becomes healthy so they can use a buyout on him this offseason (you cant buyout an injured player so they need him to be healthy before the end of the yr).

We definitely need a guy to replace Weiss and I just dont know who that could be. There's the thought process (via their beat writer, Dater) in Denver that with RoR now signed, the Avs may want to get him additional ice time and to do that, they would trade Statsny. He only has 1 yr remaining on his deal (@ $6.6M in salary) though but that would be an interesting idea for us as a stopgap while we try to develop Bjugstad next yr in the minors.

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