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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
Im about as far from jack edwards as possible, I still laught about the pouliot quote.

You can say that the hit did not merit retribution, Chara disagreed and I can see a case for why he did it.

And if you are the type of fan that thinks its okay for players to take liberties on teamates ( and talented ones at that) and that you are going to get them on the scoreboard, I'm releived we dont skate together.

The notion that chara acted improperly is based exclusively on the misplaced notion that players have the expectation that they can be perceived to have taken liberties against an opponent ( irrespective of the extend of actualy damage) and then get to say " no thank's, I'm not really interested in fighting". This has never happened, everyone knows that if it is perceived you have committed a transgression, that if someone comes calling you either answer or take a beating.
So he took a beating. I don't think anyone would disagree with you, least of all Emelin. Chara acted like Chara. Whether he acted "improperly" or not (within the context of the unwritten Man Code of hockey) is of no importance. What is of the utmost importance is he let his temper take him out of the game for 17 mins. and that's pretty much why they lost.

Oh, and by the way - Emelin's crosscheck on Seguin is the kind of play that happens 20 times a game. Was it a penalty? Sure - the ref missed it. But to assert that he is obliged to drop the gloves after that kind of play is ridiculous.

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