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Originally Posted by Daniel Plainview View Post
Julien seems to really have a problem with Montreal. Most of the time, he never complains after a game about calls or the other team. Even when the media tries to goad him into it, he says things like, "that's up to the league" or "we're not going to worry about that" or "we can only control what we can control" or "I'm not going to stand here and make excuses"

But the few times he has piped up, it's after a Montreal game. Maybe he's bitter, not sure. But I guess I'll try to defend him and say, he usually doesn't complain. He's even come after some games last year where Marchand was diving like an idiot and said he wasn't happy with it and is going to talk to him about it
This. You're right, it is most directed at us and that's no surprise. There is nothing worse to the Bruins than the Habs and through whatever process it's called whereby you go from a decent person to a POS bloodthirsty moron just by joining the Bruins (Seriously Hamilton? Can't come up with something more diplomatic and non-violent? Can anyone imagine Chucky or Gally saying that?), Julien has become the Über ****** (well...Chiarelli maybe).

Let me give you the synopsis of the Habs board ridiculousness:

- Price sucks
- Plekanec is soft and we should trade him (leading team in goals)
- We have too many smurfs
- Our captain is not a leader, TRADE HIM!
- Is Therrien mismanaging Lars Eller? (Look at him now)

Bruins board:

- Habs are cheap, stick-hacking pukes, we rulezzz!

- Habs dive, we don't (and tbh, the Habs really DON'T dive relative to the league)

- Habs get all the calls (How the hell did Seguin go down like a ton of bricks there and then just get up? If it were the other way, Edwards would have had an aneurysm. I agree, it could have been called like every other normal body level cross check - not to the HEAD!; Missed about 3-4 blatant calls on the Bruins, most notably Pacioretty high sticked when going through two bruins, play stops, no call...can't get more obvious. What about Marchand spearing Prust in the face after the puck went out following a great diving stop by BP?)

- Habs, Habs, Habs, Habs, Habs...

Our media constantly bashes our team and I promise you, does not **** on the Bruins. They are always complementing certain Bruins players and showing them respect. I actually get annoyed with it sometimes, but it's amazing to call RDS professional. That should shame NESN in itself.

Boston media just bashes the Habs and tries to continue this sorry narrative. They're like the GOP. Sorry if you're a Repub, but surely you recognize what their political tactics are. Never looking at themselves and wondering if maybe they're doing something wrong.

Before this game, (i.e., after the last game), most of us didn't even care cuz we played a good game and were more disappointed in our lack of finish and our defensive lapses. (Imagine the Bruins media reacting like that!) This time, we knew that in Boston it was going to be the same 'ol and it was. Nothing changes with these guys with their "cheap, divers, etc." comments. Most of us were praising the Bruins before last night, talking about how well built they are, what a great team they have. Today, it's just pitiful.

Bruins lost a lot of respect in the fans of many Habs fans after last night, so specifically about the way they tried to run our guys, the way THEY whined about non-calls, the gutless crap Chara pulled and the way the fans react to the Habs standing up and not taking ****. When the Bruins play good, clean hockey, Habs fans usually clamour for our team to get better, not complain about the Bruins. It's obviously not all Bruins fans, but it's by far the vast majority. I visit Boston a lot, I know what I'm talking about.

You seem very level headed and believe it or not, there are many many Habs fans with your disposition here and in general. We have our outliers, but again, they're trolls cuz they bash our own team!!

Not sure why you disagree that we didn't show character. That game was stamped with never giving up and playing with honour. Seriously, great game Habs, to beat (I'll say it), a very skilled hockey team that likes to hurt you outside of the rules as part of the gameplan. #Hockeyplay

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