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03-04-2013, 04:39 PM
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4 Division format is just great, but I would make slight change to that playoff-entry.

We should have 4 Wild Card teams, but points are counted through the league. TOP4 in points would enter the playoffs behind those all Division 1-2-3 leaders.

So, this could mean that there's for example 7 playoff teams from Western divisions and 9 teams from Eastern divisions. Fair system, othervise that 9th best Eastern team would drop out in current proposed system with in-conference Wild Cards.

If that's the case (9 teams from East and 7 from West) and there's no easy 8-8 split, then the worst Wild Card team from Eastern Divisions would go to play against Midwest regular season winner. Then there's only 1h difference in time zones. Somebody has to travel, the weakest team travels.

If Midwest Division has 4 playoff teams and Pacific only 3, then the weakest Midwest Wild Card team would go to Pacific playoffs and Weakest Eastern to Midwest. Only 2h difference at Timezones, not good, but better than we have had in the past.

That's the way to avoid EST timezone meeting Pacific Timezone. But entering to playoffs would be more fair from either East or West, no matter what the division size or conference size is.

4 Wild Card teams throughout the league makes it pretty sure that 16 best teams will enter to playoffs.

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