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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
meh, the charge and instigating go hand in hand in my book. emelin deserved at least a pair so if you want to go 5/17 or 7/19 is no skin off my back.

I dont think pushing a player when he is down is instigating and it was about as much as charge as it was a spear, certainly not a charging major. to me it was clear that chara intended to drop them, nothing more.

as to the argument that this is a type of stick work that happens 20 times a game, mabey it does. but if it were to happen to say Galchenyuk or gionta, I suspect a lot of people would be singing a completely different tune.
I think Emelin should've gotten a penalty. The refs either missed it or let it go. 7/19 is not the same as 5/17 because Chara is more important to his team than Emelin is so the longer they both serve the better it is for the Habs.

Penalties can't transform from one penalty to another. The ref raised his arm as soon as Chara hit Emelin. So he clearly has an obstruction or charge on the books. Then 5s later there is the fight between the two and the refs decide Chara instigated it. Look at it like this, if Boston had control of the puck at the time of the hit, the whistle would've been blown for the initial call before the fight starts. Then the fight breaks out and they give Chara the instigator, you can't stop play before a fight starts to give a player an instigator can you?

Personally I think the distance that Chara travelled to deliver the hit should be taken into account and makes it worth more than a minor. If Emelin doesn't get up because he fell awkwardly and is hurt, suddenly that is a 5 and a game with a hearing. I think it's stupid to make your decision based on injury, but that's the way the NHL works so I'm not surprised it wasn't a major.

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