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03-04-2013, 06:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Qyburn View Post
It's more than just the raw number of goals - which I agree the lower they are the more valuable each one is. (I'll never understand basketball with its shot clock and illegal defense to maintain the pace of constant scoring - that pace is EXACTLY why I can't bother watching it). The quality of play also suffered with the 2LP rule. Slow and mired and muddled.
And it's already getting there again (quality of offense, that is). We see teams crowding around the net. Fewer clean goals get scored, with all the shot blocking and the sheer size of goaltenders and their pads nowadays compared to the 80s and early 90s, as well as more efficient goaltending styles. On top of that, defenders are often allowed to get away with more now than they were after the 05 lockout, depending on which band of striped jesters is on the ice. A lot of goalscoring today depends on deflections, bounces, or knocking in rebounds. There's less emphasis on a goaltender's raw athletic ability, and more on his ability to be in position and be big; and to hope the skaters in front of him block shots for him. There aren't as many good quality scoring areas as there once were.

Putting in two line passing is only going to aggravate this. I don't mind low scoring games...but I much prefer if it's due to the raw skill of the goaltender, not because of the system played in front of him. Two line pass restrictions favor the system. I'd actually like to see goaltender pads reduced in size (leg pad width, any extraneous padding meant to stop puck for the goalie[the goalie should do his own job, the pads shouldn't do it for him and should only be as large as needed to provide protection], smaller blocker and glove) theory, that ought to make perimeter shots meaningful once again. Defenders would have to defend those shots more than they currently do, which opens up the slot a little more. Blue line shots become more deadly. And most importantly, goaltender ability will suddenly matter a lot more. I wouldn't mind seeing a larger gap between the best goalies and the worst, like there used to be before pad sizes ballooned and, in conjunction with the butterfly, drastically cut down on the gap between top goalies and "meh" goalies. Goalie size and pad size has increased dramatically in the last century, but net size has stayed constant. Something has to change, and I'd prefer if it's not bigger nets.

It's nice that goals are worth more, but too often they're of the "garbage" variety. I'd like to have the suspense of knowing any shot has a good chance of going in if it's well placed, instead of being pleasantly surprised when something from the boards or blue line sneaks through. Shooters have less area to shoot at than they once did.

That ends my off topic, caffeine-induced rambling for the day. Or maybe just the hour.

Saturday night, I like to raise a little harm. I'll sleep when I'm dead.

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