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Originally Posted by JackSlater View Post
Yes, it was cheating.

Complete lie, though a valiant trolling effort. Clarke's slash is one of the most well known aspects of the series, and the media brings it up frequently when discussing the series. I will say that there are some times when it is glossed over in an effort to make the Summit Series seem like more of a feel good story, but to say they never bring it up is a complete fabrication.
The fact that Canada shamelessly considers this one of the great hockey moments in the history of their country is very much a shame. I've seen several documentaries on the Summit Series and every time they talk about this slash, Clarke not only says he doesn't regret it, but he does so with a smile on his face. And not more than 2 minutes after they showed a clip where Phil Esposito whines about a Soviet trying to step on a Canadians' achilles a.l.a. Cooke on Karlson. In fact, the only Canadian I've ever seen in any documentary re: 1972 criticize Clarke was Paul Henderson...who happened to score the series winning goal.

It's typical Canada: they win, and they're the greatest, even if they had to intentionally break an opponent's ankle to get there. If they lose, their opponent must have cheated. I mean, what other explanation could there be for all-mighty Canada losing, right?

Let's face it: we're talking about a country that's in serious denial about their place in the hockey world. No one can reasonably dispute they are fact, when you consider talent level, depth, accomplishments at the international level, and percentage of players at the NHL level, any reasonable person would say Canada is #1. But, only Canadians are unwilling to admit that other countries are getting closer and closer to knock them off that perch. This country is so desperate to cling to their place as the undispute kings of hockey that they'll make any excuse and any justification when they don't win.

What Bobby Clarke did was a disgrace, but the fact Canada considers it one of their greatest hockey monents is an even bigger disgrace (the other three: Henderson's series winning goal, Crosby's OT goal in 2010, and the Gretzky-to-Lemieux goal that won the 1986 Canada Cup (which, by the way, should never have counted given there was an obvious hook at center ice by Canada on a Soviet defender which a Canadian referee suspisciously didn't call). When Canada and Russia were playing actual hockey in the Summit Series, the Soviets dominated. When Canada decided playing hockey wasn't working and decided to turn it into a professional wrestling on ice, that's when they started winning. They couldn't win with talent, the could only win by "gooning" it up.

Clarke cheated. That he still smiles and laughs about it today and had no regrets, which is the same attitude most Canadians have about that monet, is dispicable.

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