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03-04-2013, 05:54 PM
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Originally Posted by shinchanyo View Post
He DID suck! If Richards starts playing elite again tomorrow we'll all be crapping kittens but that won't change the fact he was a sh** show to start the season! The major diff of course is Stepan is young so most people were saying even though he was invisible to start the season he could very well still improve as what happens with young ins.

You're misinterpreting the situation with your blanket accusations people many were complaining he wasn't meeting his current level of play when we all knew he should be capable. You're right though how dare we ask players to perform up to realistic expectation when they underperform for an extended period of time!?
If richards plays sick for the rest of the year Id still say buy him out at the 13-14'.. its a pure business decision nothing more and nothing less.. He's paid half the money in 3yrs of play and you know he'll be on a downward spiral since he signed it.. I DO THINK tho if you are or do sign an elite contract like richards (nash/callahan/gabs) did he (they) should be criticized to the fullest if expectations arent met.. thats why hes a number 1 center and stepans a two.. hes suppose to carry the weight.. but not everything is stats and I think all you guys rush to all sorts of opinions on players just bc they aren't producing.. to me its a team game and as long as everyone is clicking on all cylinders and doing the little things right thats all you could ask for.. whether you win 1-0 or 10-0 a win is a win..

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