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Originally Posted by potsiev2 View Post
So you're not a flyers fan anymore because of the mean media and the dealing of richards. Without sounding like a complete fraud you can't possibly consider yourself a true fan of anything except for mike richards. I don't claim the flyers are any closer to a cup now. What i said is the package of voracek,simmonds,couturier,schenn,cousins is better value then richards and carter and thats my opinion. Are the flyers stuck with bryz? not if they're willing to eat his salary and i'm sure ed snider is willing to dump 50 million if it means they can create cap space to try something better or what holmgren thinks is better. I hated the bryzgalov deal and i'll continue to as long as his cap hit is on this team (hopefully that changes in the offseason). I'll continue to stick with this team through the good and bad times and nothing can change that since i live and die by philly teams. This is more then my selfish wants and desires as it's in my blood and it's a bond between my family and friends. Being a true fan of a team that wins a championship is like nothing else for a true fan. I'm sure many Kings fans know exactly what i'm talking about. You buy the merchandise/DVDs and you remember exactly what your day consisted of when your team became champs. Nothing compares as a sports fan. It's ashame loyalty can change due to 1 individual. end of rant
And now I'm not a true fan. How did I know this was the response I would get. Yes, you should continue to root for a team to the day of your death even if you do not agree with their business practices. It's not a matter of going through the 'bad times.' I have no problem going years without getting into the playoffs or downright sucking as long as I know they are actively trying to get better. I was born in 1987. I have never seen good times in Philadelphia outside of one championship in 2008. That's not why I'm not a Flyers fan anymore.

Why should I waste energy and money on a team who refuses to change and refuses to give the team what it needs to win. I could live if they went through a period where they didn't have goaltending, but they could've raised a goaltender from birth by now. They refuse to take that problem seriously. I went through the Lindros era, the Gagne era, and the Richards era. I will not root for that garbage anymore.

The Kings are exactly what I've always wanted in a hockey team. Developing young defenseman and goaltending and still having guys who can score. They barely made the playoffs last year, but even if they went out in the first round I'd still be a fan because I believe in this team and what they do. I'd rather be a traitor and believe in my team, then stay loyal and fake my enthusiasm supporting a management who will not change their philosophies despite the fact that they haven't won a cup in 35 years.

You may look at only the Flyers logo, but I remember all the guys who wasted their careers wearing that jersey cause the likes of Bobby Clarke and Ed Snider are so stuck in their stupid Broad Street Bullies mentality.

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