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03-04-2013, 07:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Strik_IX View Post
I don't see how hoto's comments make him a Bruins apologist at all. It's a question of principle and unlike many here hoto's capable of applying them to all teams.

I think Emelin shouldn't be surprised at the retaliation, he did crosscheck Seguin and it went unpunished by the refs. I am pretty surprised that Chara went ******* on the spot causing him to sit out for 17 minutes though. If something like that happened to one of our players, I'd be happy if a teammate stood up for said player. I'd just be much happier if it was done in a context which would actually benefit the team.
This post gets my official endorsement. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with any cash incentives. Sorry.

Seriously gentlemen & ladies, let's not turn into the Walking Brain-Dead zombies on the Bruins board. Emelin cross-checked Seguin and avoided what should have been a 2-minute penalty. Big friggin deal - Bruins got away with a few as well. I'm sure Seguin felt pain, but he sold the hit in bold Shakespearean fashion. Unfortunately, the critics gave his performance a thumbs-down. So Emelin's hit and Seguin's dive went unpunished, but then the big bad Z-Rex stomped over and tried to eat Emelin as part of the Jurassic Code. And because of its tiny brain, Z-Rex didn't know when to stop.

So in my opinion, Emelin should've gotten 2 minutes, Seguin shouldn't have dived, Chara should have reacted as a captain of an NHL team, not as a slobbering DNA experiment gone wrong.

Not that I have any illusions my opinion counts for much, but I'm sick of people wishing injury on players of any team, I'm sick of the relativism game where we justify our extreme bias because the bias on the Bruins board is even worse, and - yes, I admit it - I'm sick of the trailer-trash that's taken over the Bruins fan base and created a message-board slum where decent people used to post.

I wish I didn't love the game so much...

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