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07-22-2006, 04:26 PM
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speaking as someone that has broken 2.5 sticks in 2 days (1 goalie / 1.5 player), here is what I have learned.

I bought a 3-pack of Sherwood 9950 pro-return sticks. in about 4 months, 2 of them have broken (different places at the blade). which really disappoints me when before I bought a 3 pack of CCM sticks that lasted me about 1.5 years. Switching to Koho 580 / 590

Disclaimer: I'm a goalie trying to skate out, my slap shot is pretty ugly so probably the real reason why my sticks are breaking. but bought an Easton wood stick, the blade started to break after the 2nd game (1 game / 2 practises). Next day, broke an old Koho Kurri stick, broke at the blade

So I'm switching to Mission L-2, since my sticks are breaking at the blades. the L-2 comes with an extra blade @ a decent price. it's price of 2 composite sticks for the price of 3 wood.

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