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HF-NYR Fantasy Keeper League - Discussion Thread Part I (Waiting List Open!!)

HF-NYR Fantasy Keeper League

2012-2013 Stanley Cup Champions

2012-2013 NHL Award Winners

Stanley Cup:

Presidents' Trophy:

Clarence S. Campbell Bowl:

Prince of Wales Trophy:

Art Ross Trophy:

Hart Memorial Trophy:

Norris Trophy:

Lady Byng Trophy:

Calder Trophy:

Conn Smythe Trophy:

Vezina Trophy:

William Jennings Trophy:

Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy:

Selke Trophy:

Ted Lindsay Trophy:

Maurice Richard Trophy:


2012 - 2013 Roster Thread


Deputy Commissioners

League Chat Room:

About The Game
  • We will be using current rosters to start this game out.
  • Prior to the simulation (talked about in a second) there will be a couple of day grace period to allow for teams to makes trades and tinker their roster as they see fit.
  • Upon completion of this trading period, all 30 NHL teams will be entered into NHL 13 season mode.
  • I will simulate the NHL season, up to and including the playoffs, stop after each week in game (give or take) to provide an "Around the League" update as to current standings, stats, etc.
  • Teams can make trades during the season whenever they see fit only up to the trade deadline.
  • After completion of the first season, we will enter into the 2013 NHL offseason compete with free agency and trades.
  • The NHL Entry Draft order will be determined based on the standings after the season has been simulated.
  • Agents will be hired to negotiate with the GM's for free agency.
  • After the offseason is over I will put all 30 NHL into NHL 14 and proceed to simulate another season in lock step with the real NHL season.

Player Agents

Basic Player Ratings

Miscellaneous Information
  • This will be a keeper league. We won't have a draft after the conclusion of each year but teams will carry over to the next season.
  • The salary cap ceiling will be $70.2 million for this season and adjust according to next seasons cap. The salary cap floor will be $54.2 million again adjusted based on next season's real cap.
  • Teams may exceed the salary cap ceiling by no more than 10% during the offseason process, but must be cap compliant prior to the start of the season.
  • Please exclude any bonus cushions when putting together your rosters. Just focus on the cap hit.
  • You will have control over your teams' real life minor league farm system inside the game. I will provide you with the minor league players if you request.
  • Use Capgeek for all salary cap information.
  • Should you want to sign someone who you drafted, or who after the draft is still a free agent that you want to acquire, you will message a designated player agent to work out the terms of a contract.
  • Players on a one way contract (without a NMC) must go through waivers in order to be sent down to the minors. When a player is placed on waivers all teams have 24 hours to place a claim. If a player is claimed by multiple teams the lowest ranked team in the standings at that point will get the player.
  • ALL trades must be sent in to a commissioner and be accepted before being allowed to post the trade. Failure to send in a trade before posting it will result in a veto. Trades cannot be posted until they have been given the approval by either myself of one of the deputy commissioners.
  • The game will have deputy commissioners in place that will help monitor the game in my absence. One designated deputy commissioner will be handling all the roster input into the game as well as the simulating. Deputy commissioners will help oversee day-to-day activities and will report any issues to myself.
  • Offer sheets are allowed to be handed out to RFA's during free agency. If a player is given an offer sheet the player's current team will have 72 hours to either match or decline the offer sheet. If they match the offer sheet they retain their players rights. If they decline then they will be compensated based on the players' new cap hit. The compensation will be an agreed up deal between the two parties. It will be a combination of picks and prospects. If the team that gave the offer sheet has their picks to satisfy the requirement based in salary then picks are the first choice of compensation. If the team does not have their pick for that year then it will be subbed in for an agreed upon prospect. If the parties can't agree, the designated RFA agent will come to a decision on fair value for both parties. The picks will all consist of 1st Round picks. If the team doesn't have their 1st for One of those years then a prospect will take the place of the pick.
    <1.5 mill/year: 1 pick/prospect
    1.6 mill/year to 3.0 mill/year: 2 picks/prospects
    3.1 mill/year to 5.0 mill/year: 3 picks/prospects
    5.1 mill/year>: 4 picks/prospects


Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division:
New Jersey Devils - Machinehead
New York Islanders - IslesRock4
New York Rangers - New York RKY
Philadelphia Flyers - Dr John Carlson
Pittsburgh Penguins - Riptide

Northeast Division:
Boston Bruins - glasgow26
Buffalo Sabres - BB v2 0
Montreal Canadiens - Killem Dafoe
Ottawa Senators - hockeyalltheway
Toronto Maple Leafs - Pulp Fiction

Southeast Division:
Winnipeg Jets - NYR2047
Carolina Hurricanes - Blueblood9
Florida Panthers - pdogfizzle
Tampa Bay Lightning - iamitter
Washington Capitals - nyrpassion

Western Conference

Central Division:
Chicago Blackhawks - rangers1024
Columbus Blue Jackets - NYR Boyler87
Detroit Red Wings - EpicDing
Nashville Predators - CaliDubiZib
St. Louis Blues - The Dark Passenger

Northwest Division:
Calgary Flames - marciiauzii
Colorado Avalanche - Hitmen Heart
Edmonton Oilers - Clowe Me Maybe
Minnesota Wild - NYGRYK21
Vancouver Canucks - King Canuck

Pacific Division:
Anaheim Ducks - Original Blue
Dallas Stars - Modo
Los Angeles Kings - HeaveHo94
Phoenix Coyotes - srsly989
San Jose Sharks - Hobgoblin Steve

Waiting List:


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