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Originally Posted by orangecrush8 View Post
If you're looking for authentic (not replica) you're going to be hard-pressed to find one. used to have a size 50, but it appears to be unavailable now. Checking ebay is probably your best bet. Just be aware of the fakes

As for customized with Schenn or Simmonds, this will be even harder. The authentics did not come pre-customized and the replicas only came pre-customized with a select few players, Schenn and Simmonds not being one of those. If you're set on those two, be prepared to buy the jersey blank and then send it to a company to customize.

Just so you're also aware, and if you are in fact looking for the authentic, its gonna cost a pretty penny. When they were available, the blank jerseys sold for roughly $275-$325.
Thank you. I haven't had a jersey since Lindros back in the 90s. Are replicas good enough? Like is everything stitched? As long as its stitched and it looks real enough and its a WC jersey I will be happy.

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