Thread: Post-Game Talk: Hawks 2, Wings 1 (SO)
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03-04-2013, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Hansen View Post
Read the last sentence. 1-0 shootout wins are so rare (and let's be honest, they're incredibly stupid too) that they shouldn't even be considered.

I wasn't aware it was "absurd" to suggest that goals and assists play a much more important role in the game of hockey than faceoff wins.
Apparently that's reaching, though! I am ridiculous.
Originally Posted by massivegoonery View Post
By Bron's reasoning, the less frequently events occur, the more they should count. Just like Toews should be considered a better player than Kane this year because he theoretically could have won an offensive zone faceoff that would lead to players other than himself getting a point.
Of course goals are more important than faceoffs. But all I am trying to illustrate is that goal scoring is unpredictable for most players. Luck & playing time play a large role in it.

I don't want to "overstate" the importance of faceoffs, but they should also not be understated. Toews has won 87 more draws than he has lost in 22 games, winning faceoffs at a 60% clip.

This is a good paper published last year on the value of a faceoff. 76 more faceoff wins than losses is good for about 1 GD. So Toews theoretically Toews' faceoff winning has lead to an extra goal+. Obviously doesn't make up the difference between he & Kane's point totals but I'm just illustrating a point.

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