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Originally Posted by steffeG View Post
I think Couturier playing Philly's toughest minutes and Zibanejad our easiest has very much to do with many of us thinking Couturier is doing better work now and probably in the future.
Zach Smith takes our toughest minutes by far, but as far as the other centers go, Turris and Zibanejad actually face about the same competition, and both face tougher competition than Regin/SDC/O'Brien (whoever happens to be centering the 4th line that day).

The main knock on Zibanejad would be that he's getting a ton of offensive zone starts - 68% - while most of the other centers on the team are around 50%, and Couturier is at 40-ish. However, as far as quality of competition goes, Zibanejad doesn't play our easiest minutes.

And as a sidenote, comparing o-zone start % to o-zone finish % isn't really a useful stat. Over the course of a season, no matter how many ozone starts a person has, finishes are almost never over 55-60%. You simply can't expect a player getting a lot of ozone starts to have a comparable number of (or more) ozone finishes.

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